“I’m sorry I’m not who you thought I should be” Kayleigh sings in the unapologetic chorus of “Kanye West on Letterman”, an unreleased staple of her live shows. Kayleigh’s music rests on the backbone of revealing honesty. The singer/songwriter was born in 1997 as a middle child of two generations. Her life began with a convincing fantasy and the expansion of social media. Kayleigh’s writing style started out as a reflection of this fantasy and the role she was expected to play in it.  


Kayleigh signed her first publishing deal at 17 and moved to Montreal. Montreal exposed her to some brutal realities, with them came some beautiful ones. There was an unsubdued personality in Montreal. Everybody was authentically themselves, and nobody was asking for permission or forgiveness. This authenticity continues to inspire Kayleigh’s music. “The more scared you are to put a lyric in a song, the more I think you should.” Kayleigh’s music delivers the fantasy of pop, the honesty of RnB and the feels of a smokey basement Jazz bar.